There are certain occupations which may expose workers to an increased risk of vaccine-preventable diseases, for example those working in general healthcare, dental surgeries, emergency and essential services, plumbing, sewage or involving children, animals or specific communities.

Those working in these types of may be vulnerable to diseases including: measles, mumps, rubella, varicella (chickenpox), hepatitis B, diphtheria, tetanus and polio, and they can transmit these diseases to vulnerable populations if not immunised.

Our of our specialist nurses will carry out an assessment to cover:

  • current health and wellbeing including any medications being taken
  • past medical history including any pre-existing medical conditions
  • previous vaccination history
  • any allergies and/or intolerances

They will then:

  • administer vaccination(s)
  • provide the latest information on any potential side effects.

Our specialist nurses can also deliver a workplace vaccination and recall system whereby vaccination forms part of your risk management strategy. They can also provide information and a training regarding infection risks, potential transmission and infection routes, control measures and personal protective equipment.

Each consultation lasts approximately one hour.

How to book

Please contact Tracey Grove, Screening Coordinator
Phone: 0121 601 4041

When making an appointment, you will be asked for a few details about your trip, including your intended destination(s), date of departure and length of trip.

Consultation cost

The cost of an hour’s consultation with a specialist travel health nurse is £35. This fee will be waived if any vaccines are purchased.

Legal responsibility

It is the employer’s legal responsibility to assess the potential risk of exposure to these diseases, meet the necessary health and safety guidelines and to refer employees to appropriate agencies for advice, for example a vaccination centre.

Employers are also legally bound to provide their employees with any information or training they need to minimise their exposure to disease. It is then the employee’s responsibility to make sure they abide by safety regulations and follow any immunisation instructions.

Immunisations required to protect workers from workplace infection are covered by COSHH Regulations 2002. These regulations require management records to be kept of compliance activities which includes training records, PPE and vaccination histories.

How to book workplace immunisations

Contact us via email: or phone: 0121 601 4041 to find out more and book our vaccination service for your organisation.

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