Employers have a duty of care to minimise or eliminate known risks to workers’ health, including avoidable diseases related to certain occupations and seasons.

Our team of specialist nurses provide a vaccination service which includes assessments and the administration of vaccines. Appointments are open to businesses and the general public. All bookings must be made in advance.

One of our nurses will carry out a full assessment which will cover current health and wellbeing including any medications being taken, past medical history including any pre-existing medical conditions, previous vaccination history and any allergies and/or intolerances.

Vaccination costs

A charge is made for each vaccine. Costs vary depending on the type of vaccine given. Prices are available on request. The cost of administering a vaccine is included in the price of the vaccine.

How to book

Please contact Tracey Grove, Screening Coordinator
Email: tracey@mohs.co.uk
Phone: 0121 601 4041

Why choose MOHS?

We focus on identifying and preventing health issues, restoring good health and promoting wellbeing in the workplace through our extensive range of market leading services.