Driver medicals this assessment is required for employees who enter the sites of many primary construction contractors and for other types of work including traffic management on live highways.

It consists of several components including the assessment of respiratory health, skin, hearing and HAVS (Hand-Arm-Vibration assessment) where an employee has exposure to hand transmitted vibration, repeated annually in line with HSE guidance.

There is also a general medical component that encompasses the following, blood pressure, visual acuity (sight), colour perception, psychological and mental health, urinalysis (urine test), mobility and coordination (musculoskeletal) checks. This is generally certified for three years, though this may be shorter where an unstable condition is identified.

Driver medicals are assessed according to DVLA rules for different classes of driver and apply to drivers of tugs, forklift trucks, overhead cranes, and other workplace vehicles, whether driven partly on the road or otherwise.

HGV, LGV, PCV driver assessments are conducted by an occupational health physician for workers that drive lorries, buses and other large vehicles, assessed in accordance with DVLA standards and associated paperwork completed.

Working at height or in confined spaces a similar medical used for drivers but with emphasis put on certain results to ensure both the employee’s and others’ safety whilst undertaking these types of tasks.

Executive medicals assessments for key personnel undertaken by an occupational health physician, to recognise work-related hazards and are able to encourage clients to promote their own good health. All executive medical assessments are personalised to provide a detailed picture of a client’s physical health; as well as providing medical advice on making any lifestyle changes needed to improve or maintain good health.

Our executive medical assessments include: executive health questionnaire, full clinical examination and personal health assessment, resting ECG, urinalysis, height, weight, body mass index, audiometry, keystone vision screen, spirometry, blood tests, Prostate Specific Antigen and TSH (thyroid test) – if carried out previously, we continue the screening, full written report to the executive with a copy to their GP if required.

General medical assessment for most types of work. They are useful for identifying health issues at an early stage for prompt intervention, they are particularly useful for those businesses with an ageing workforce.

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