Management referrals

Employee health problems can affect work performance and productivity, particularly if the employee is frequently absent from work. If a line manager or member of HR is concerned about an employee’s health and subsequent attendance, they can make a referral to one of our OH physicians or OH advisors.

As a result of a referral, our OH team can provide written advice to line managers/HR (eg recommendations for phased return to work or alternative duties) and will be able to assist employees with their health problems.

Managerial responsibilities

A manager’s responsibilities for a referral will depend on their organisation’s sickness absence policy but employees should be made aware of the reasons for referral to an OH physician or OH advisor and their consent is required prior to the consultation taking place.

It is also important the manager makes our OH team fully aware of all the relevant facts about a case to ensure objective advice is given, based on the understanding of the issues of concern to the referring manager.

Our 4.11 Management Referral Form is designed to help managers and/or HR provide sufficient information and specify the type of advice they are seeking when making a referral.

On receipt of the management referral form, one of our medical admin coordinators will determine the most appropriate referral route. This may include one or more of the following:

  • referral to an OH physician
  • referral to an OH advisor
  • application to the employee’s treating physician or specialist for a medical report

OH physician consultations

An appointment will be made within 3 to 5 days of receipt of the referral and the employee will be asked to attend our medical centre in West Bromwich, which has five consulting rooms, patient waiting room, manned reception and free car to the rear of our premises. (There is also free off road parking outside our offices).

The consultation includes a written report.

If an employee cannot attend the consultation because of poor health, we can offer off site visits and domiciliary visits within a 50 mile radius – however we do charge a separate cost for travel.

OH advisor consultations

An appointment with an advisor will be made within 3 to 5 days of receipt of the referral. The advisor can either see the employee at our medical centre, at their place of work or at their home or other relevant location (eg their GP surgery). The consultation includes a written report. Most advisor management referral consultations for MOHS member companies will be carried out during their scheduled clinical visits.


Reports are provided within 3 – 5 working days of the appointment (although they are routinely provided much quicker than this). If necessary, an immediate verbal report can be provided.

The employee has three options regarding the report:
Option 1: they do not wish to receive a copy of the report
Option 2: they receive a copy of the report at the same time as their employer
Option 3: they receive a copy of the report before it is supplied to their employer (please note that only factual errors will be rectified – the OHPs will not change their medical opinion)

Third party medical reports

An application for a medical report, if required, is made within 5 working days of receiving the referral letter and consent form. The employee should be made aware of the reason for the request for consent in the same way as they would be made aware of the reason for referral to OH.

How to book a management referral

To book a management referral or if you would like further information:

Please contact Lianne Goddard, Coordinator of Medical Services
Phone: 0121 601 4041