We conduct health surveillance to monitor employees exposed to certain workplace health risks or situations for early signs of work-related illness or injury*.

Below are the assessments we conduct which detail what they involve.

Audiometry an initial assessment (pre-exposure where possible), including a questionnaire and hearing test, followed up annually for the following two years and then repeated according to the result. Typically Cat 3, Cat 4 & Unilateral followed up annually. Cat 1 & Cat2 repeated three yearly.

Respiratory surveillance takes three main forms:

High Level – initial assessment, including questionnaire and spirometry, followed up annually with spirometry. Required for exposure to respiratory sensitizers and ferrous welding fume (particularly stainless fume).

RCS – for employees exposed to Respirable Crystalline Silica. As per high level but including an (optional) periodic chest x-ray.

Low level – for other airborne contaminants not included in the above two categories. An initial questionnaire and baseline spirometry followed up with an annual questionnaire.

Skin assessed pre-exposure where possible and then reviewed annually, often in addition to an employer’s own routine skin inspections by a competent person.

HAVS instances when hand-transmitted vibration exposure is measured in excess of 100 points during an eight-hour shift, Tier 1 (pre-exposure/initial) Tier 2 (annual review) will be required. If either of those assessments yield positive answers, a more in-depth Tier 3 assessment will be required. If a vibration-related injury is suspected after this process has been completed, the employee must be elevated to a Tier 4 assessment (with an occupational health physician).

*More frequent review may be required for any of the above assessments according to exposure and outcome.

Service delivery for health surveillance

We use two main models to deliver our health screening services:

  • Managed service: regular visits throughout the year with the same, embedded practitioner. A member of our team will visit your business to further understand and identify health risks particular to the types of work undertaken. This survey forms the basis of the Occupational Health Programme which acts as the Service Level Agreement for the services we will deliver.
  • Ad-hoc service: the client identifies the required health screening from their own risk assessments. Time on site is then purchased to allow those assessments to be completed, with no contractual agreement to undertake further work. The mode of delivery relies on the customer interpreting the outcomes of the health surveillance to a degree.

We pride ourselves on our flexibility when meeting customer needs. If neither of these models will work for your particular circumstances, we will be happy to try and modify our services to accommodate your requirements.

Additional health surveillance

Whole Body Vibration (WBV) assessment is structured in a similar way to HAVS assessments: it comprises of an initial/pre-exposure Tier 1 screening assessment, followed up annually. If this yields positive answers, a more involved Tier 2 assessment will be required, which may lead to referral to an occupational health physician for review where WBV is suspected as a causative agent.

Electromagnetic Field (EMF) assessment is a short screening assessment for those employees exposed to strong electromagnetic fields, including welders and those working adjacent to induction heaters and furnaces, powerful radio transmitters and other equipment that may induce a strong electromagnetic field.

Vision testing for quality assurance and non-destructive testing work
We can undertake vision testing including as part of driver medicals, to DVLA standards, colour vision testing and near vison testing, for inspection and quality assurance purposes.

Near vision testing can be to a customer’s own spec, but our default standard has recently been aligned with BINDT (The British Institute of Non-Destructive Testing) to ensure compliance with their specification PSL/44.

This standard is equal to or better than the majority of our clients’ requirements (note that aerospace manufacturing usually requires a slightly different specification).

How to book health surveillance

Contact us via email: info@mohs.co.uk or phone: 0121 601 4041 to find out more and book our health surveillance service for your organisation.

Why choose MOHS?

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