MOHS offers a random drug and alcohol testing procedure for all types of organisations, which involves testing their employees in accordance with corporate policies.

For all our procedures, the employee’s informed consent must be obtained to:

  • undergo drug and/or alcohol testing, as appropriate
  • allow the results of the test to be released to the employer.

In most cases, drug testing is undertaken using a rapid urine test which will give a qualitative result within a few minutes.

Alcohol screening takes the form of a breath test, similar to those undertaken by UK police forces.

Any positive result will normally be sent on to a laboratory for confirmation or results (and to rule out false positive).

In most cases, routine testing can be undertaken at a client’s site, by prior agreement. There is limited potential for ‘for cause’ testing if employees receive their testing at our medical centre during office hours.

If you have requirements for testing not outlined above, contact us to discuss in more detail.

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