We provide a referral service to an occupational health advisor or physician when you are concerned for and need advice about an employee’s mental or physical health, particularly in relation to their ability to fulfil their job role.

Whether you are trying to manage an employee back into the business following a period of long-term absence, seeking advice on adjustments to support ongoing health issues, or you need help managing sickness absence, we have a highly experienced and qualified team of practitioners on hand.

A standard referral appointment consists of a one-hour appointment with an employee and a written report subsequent to the appointment; complex cases or for employees with multiple conditions would require a longer appointment of one and a quarter hours, followed by a written report.

Appointments are usually conducted face-to-face at our medical centre, however we can also deliver this service virtually or as a telephone consultation.

How to book an occupational health referral

Contact us via email: info@mohs.co.uk or phone: 0121 601 4041 to find out more and book an occupational health referral for your employee(s).

Why choose MOHS?

We focus on identifying and preventing health issues, restoring good health and promoting wellbeing in the workplace through our extensive range of market leading services.