Counselling and CBT therapies

We offer a face-to-face assessment session with our experienced therapist, following which a tailored psychological intervention will be designed and delivered by the same member of staff. We never triage and hand over unless this is absolutely necessary.

The aim is to provide successful interventions for a wide range of issues including trauma, anxiety, depression and workplace conflict and stress.

Bereavement counselling

Therapy for bereavement, delivered at the right time, helps people cope more effectively with their loss. Talking about the loss often allows a person to make important adjustments to their life.

Any loss has to be acknowledged for us to move forward; bereavement counselling tries to help clients find a place for their loss, so they can continue with their life and eventually find acceptance.

More specifically, bereavement counselling can help a person:

  • understand the grieving process
  • resolve any areas of conflict that may be remaining
  • explore areas that may be preventing you from moving on
  • adjust to life with a new sense of self
  • address any possible issues of depression or suicidal thoughts. 

Post traumatic event debriefing

Most people will experience some kind of trauma during their lives and many who do are able to overcome this trauma after a period of time, often with the help and support of friends and family However, a small minority may develop psychological difficulties as a result of their experience which requires assistance from a mental health professional.

Our specially trained psychotherapists can provide a face to face assessment for an individual who has experienced a distressing event, or facilitate a group session for on occasions when multiple people have been affected.

Professional consultations

Times of change and transition can be difficult for any organisation. Our systemic training and approach will provide to understand and respond effectively at all levels of organisational change.

If your organisation needs to change, we can help you through your change process.

How to book psychological interventions

Contact us via email: or phone: 0121 601 4041 to find out more and book psychological interventions for your organisation.

Why choose MOHS?

We focus on identifying and preventing health issues, restoring good health and promoting wellbeing in the workplace through our extensive range of market leading services.