MOHS Training Courses and Workplace Assessments: Overview

We’re here to help you make your business comply with the Health and Safety at Work etc. Act 1974 and its integral components. Through accredited training courses we can empower you to make your workplace as safe as it can be.

Providing safe working practices and a safe environment in which to deploy them are essential. They’ll help protect your workforce, physically and emotionally, and are a legal requirement.

No one wants to turn up for work with the thought that they could get injured (or worse) in the back of their mind. As their employer, you must adopt the time-honoured adage: prevention is better than cure.

How our training helps you stay on the right side of HSE

Our team of highly trained and accredited professional health and safety advisers have well over 50 years’ experience between them. From their nursing and training backgrounds, they can offer guidance on:

  • latest health and safety regulations;
  • meeting compliance regulations and guidelines to new or amended legislation;
  • advise on latest medical practices, or
  • provide relevant workplace training.

We offer a range of courses/assessments that accrediting bodies have designed to meet all corporate requirements. Our instruction in them will ensure delegates develop knowledge, skills and best practice methods to minimise workplace risks.

What businesses get from a healthy workforce and risk-free workplace

The benefits of taking charge of your organisation’s health and safety are many. Employees often reciprocate the trust you show them when you protect them to the best of your ability. In a nutshell, the benefits of up to date health and safety for businesses are:

  • a healthier, safer and more productive workforce;
  • reduced employee absence with healthier workforce, emotionally and physically;
  • peace of mind with certified full compliance to current legislation;
  • stability through reduced risk of litigation or compensation;
  • lower employment liability insurance premiums due to lower risk;
  • increased trust and co-operation between management and workforce;
  • enhanced reputation as a responsible and caring employer.

Our health and safety courses/assessments

Please find a brief overview of our Health and Safety courses, training and assessments. Further details of each course is available through the links in each section:

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