Executive medicals

We are not currently providing Executive medical assessments. Appointments will be available from Spring 2021. 

Employees are an organisation’s most important asset and their continuing health should concern all employers.

When a key member of the team is absent due to illness or injury, it puts a considerable strain on colleagues, not to mention the financial and productivity implications on the business.

Regular and thorough checks can reduce the probability of health risks and can help detect underlying health issues.

MOHS’s executive medicals for key personnel are undertaken by highly qualified and experienced OH physicians, who have the expertise and knowledge to recognise work related hazards and are able to encourage clients to promote their own good health.

All executive medical assessments are personalised to provide a detailed picture of a client’s physical health; as well as providing medical advice on making any lifestyle changes needed to improve or maintain good health.

Our executive medical assessments include the following:

  • executive health questionnaire
  • full clinical examination and personal health assessment
  • resting ECG
  • urinalysis
  • height, weight, body mass index
  • audiometry
  • keystone vision screen
  • spirometry
  • blood tests – full blood count and clinical chemistry
  • Prostate Specific Antigen and TSH (thyroid test) – if carried out previously, we continue the screening
  • full written report to the executive with a copy to their GP if required