Employee wellbeing and health promotion initiatives are essential parts of any successful organisation and employees prefer to work in an environment in which their physical and emotional wellbeing needs are recognised and met.

Our team of occupational health advisors and technicians regularly support clients’ health promotion and wellbeing requirements. We host sessions at clients’ sites and focus on areas including overall mental and physical health, diet and lifestyle choices and understanding testicular and breast self-examinations.

These types of sessions are designed to encourage staff to take a proactive approach to managing their own health, which is particularly useful for supporting at-risk sections of your workforce or helping to keep an ageing workforce fit and productive.

Health checks

we can provide the following checks for employees: cholesterol screen, blood sugar (diabetes) screen, blood pressure, BMI measurement, peak flow, lung function assessment, advice on health concerns such as hypertension, cholesterol, diabetes, heart conditions, advice on lifestyle issues such as quitting smoking, healthier eating, increasing exercise, reducing alcohol and preventing drug abuse.

We also have a range of health education literature on various conditions available for employees to take away with them.

Wellbeing events

Whether an individual initiative or part of a corporate employee wellbeing event, we can provide health checks and advice via a stand located in an easily accessible area during a specified time at which employees can come along at their convenience and have medical checks such as: blood pressure, peak flow, BMI assessment, and receive advice on medical concerns.

Although the above tests are not carried out in a confidential setting, employees are usually happy to have these checks done in the company of colleagues and often will compare readings. However, it may be advisable to have a room available should any employee be concerned about their results or prefer to discuss any medical concerns in private.

Employee assistance programmes (EAP)

MOHS does not directly offer EAP but works in association with a local EAP provider, Paycare, which offers a range of high quality products and services.


We offer occupational physiotherapy sessions aimed at relieving the effects of conditions caused by a number of conditions, including musculoskeletal disorders. Physiotherapy treats both acute and chronic musculoskeletal conditions by using a number of different techniques including manipulation and mobilisation, massage, hydrotherapy, exercise programmes and acupuncture.

Our physiotherapy service

We are able to provide referrals to qualified occupational physiotherapists across the UK, all of whom are checked for clinical governance and quality standards.

Following the referral, the physiotherapy clinic selected will be one closest to the employee’s workplace or home, there will be initial assessment with a report, followed by a maximum of five further assessments. If additional sessions are required, a case management review is held before any further sessions are booked. Emphasis is on providing ‘fit for work’ assessments.

The patient will also be offered advice on how to manage their condition more effectively, for example exercising at home, plus postural and ergonomic advice.

How to book our employee wellbeing services

Contact us via email: info@mohs.co.uk or phone: 0121 601 4041 to find out more and book our employee wellbeing service for your organisation.

Why choose MOHS?

We focus on identifying and preventing health issues, restoring good health and promoting wellbeing in the workplace through our extensive range of market leading services.