Flu vaccination: the right thing to do

Flu vaccination: the right thing to do

The strain of flu that arrives in the UK changes every year, making previous flu jabs less effective. Our nurses can come to you to vaccinate your staff with the minimum fuss.

Did you know:
“Three quarters of organisations report that minor illness (including colds, flu, stomach upsets, headaches and migraines) is the most common cause of short-term absence.”?

That fact is highlighted in the CIPD 2016 Absence Management annual survey report.

Of those ailments listed, flu is one of — if not the — most contagious. But it’s one of the most preventable, too – providing you take action!

How is normal flu different from ‘Aussie’ flu?

Every year, British scientists work on the formula for the upcoming season’s flu jabs. In order to make it effective, they look at the strains coming up from Australia.

Whether a strain should be called ‘Aussie Flu’ is up for debate. What is important is that we’re prepared for the different types of influenza that transmute down under.

Did you know:
In 2017, “the cost of sickness absence per employee increased: employers lost £570 per person, on average”?

That’s according to Personnel Today’s research, which confirms that the Flu jab could save the UK economy up to £28.9m in sick pay!.

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Flu vaccinations on site, full day or half day sessions

MOHS can vaccinate your workforce at your premises hopefully before they contract and spread this miserable virus for just £8.50 per person*. Given 2017 figures, chances are your investment will more than pay for itself.

Looking after your employees’ wellbeing in this way can also help you:

  • boost moral,
  • keep absence days down,
  • keep staff motivated.

You can’t monitor everyone your employees come into contact with, but you can help protect them from anyone who might be carrying (and sharing) seasonal viruses.

*Flu Vaccination Costs:

  • Nurse on site: Full day = £490 or half-day = £245
  • Mileage: £0.60/mile
  • Flu jab: £8.50 VAT per person


  • Vaccinations: 40 per full day or 20 per half-day

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Who should get vaccinated?

On Wikipedia, you can find a full list of the WHO‘s recommendations for those most in need of the flu jab.