Is it too hot to work?

Is it too hot to work?

Whilst are currently no laws on maximum working temperatures, however we have lots of tips to make working in the heat more bearable.

Current laws do not include a maximum working temperature or legislation for when it is too hot to work.

However, employers must abide by health and safety laws in the workplace which include ensuring temperatures are at a comfortable level and the air is clean and fresh.

There are also many things you can do to feel more comfortable at work during hotter days:

Working indoors

  • Wear thin layers of clothing to keep cool
  • Use a desk fan to increase air flow
  • If available, use window blinds to reduce heat coming from the sun
  • Drink lots of water to stay as hydrated as possible (top tip: don’t wait until you are thirsty!)
  • Work away from direct sunlight, if possible
  • Take regular breaks to cool down

Working outdoors

  • Cover up and wear light layers with long sleeves
  • Wear a hat to protect your head and face
  • Wear good quality sunglasses
  • Use suncream with a high SPF (minimum of SPF 30)
  • Stay in the shade, if possible, during the hottest part of the day (11am-3pm)

As well as following our tips, it is always a good idea to look out for the wellbeing of your colleagues to ensure everyone is safe and comfortable at work. There are also a number of things your employer could do; raise this with your line manager to see how they could help further.