HGV medicals: new and renewed licences

HGV medicals: new and renewed licences

We highlight the current shortfall of HGV drivers and explain when HGV medicals are required, what they involve and what to look out for when booking a medical.

The exact number of HGV drivers needed in the UK is currently estimated to be between 50,000 and 100,000. In order to fill these much-needed vacancies, the government is continuing to offer guidance to industry and provide support.

HGV medicals: when they are needed
An HGV medical examination is essential for applicants who are:

  • applying for their first HGV licence
  • renewing their licence at aged 45, after which a medical will be required every five years
  • aged 65, when they will need a medical annually.

The purpose of the medical examination is to ensure the driver is medically fit to drive this class of vehicle. It Is the responsibility of the applicant to ensure they obtain the correct paperwork from DVLA.

What does a medical involve?
There are two parts to an HGV medical;

  1. Firstly, the practitioner will discuss the applicant’s medical history and any conditions which may affect their ability to drive safely
  2. Secondly, a physical examination will take place which involves testing an applicant’s vision, blood pressure and other vital signs. The practitioner will complete their section of the official DVLA form and certify the applicant fit, should they pass all elements of the medical.

Who should conduct an HGV medical?
This medical can be performed by the applicant’s GP and on some occasions, their optician. As the coronavirus pandemic continues to impact general practice, there have been a lack of face-to-face appointments available for these medicals which is hindering this part of the application process for many people.

Other practitioners will be able to complete the medical exam and paperwork and it is essential the practitioner conducting the exam is fully qualified and experienced in order to ensure commercial drivers are healthy enough to safely operate their vehicles and in turn keep our roads safe.

MOHS Workplace Health: HGV medicals
We can conduct the HGV medical:

  • Appointments take approximately 30 minutes
  • Cost of an HGV medical: £100 +VAT

How to book an HGV medical

For more information, support or guidance get in touch us:
Email: info@mohs.co.uk
Phone: 0121 601 4041