Health Surveillance in the workplace

Health Surveillance in the workplace
For some professions health surveillance is vital to ensure employees exposure to certain workplace health risks can be managed properly.  There can also be a requirement when the employee is carrying out work that may affect the safety of others, for example a bus driver.

Health and safety laws require health surveillance when your workers remain exposed to health risk, even after you have put controls in place. Health risks with require surveillance include noise, vibration and substances hazardous to health, this includes asbestos, lead and ionising radiation.

As well as audiometry, respiratory, skin and HAVS tests, we also offer whole body vibration (WBV), electromagnetic field (EMF) and vision testing for quality assurance and destructive testing work.

We can conduct assessments based on your employees work environment and can be delivered as a managed service, where your employees will have regular visits throughout the year with the same embedded practitioner or an ad-hoc service where the client identifies the required health screen from their own risk assessments

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