Health Information Week 2019

Health Information Week 2019

As part of Health Information Week 2019 we are providing health tips, information and and advice.


Exercise doesn’t have to be hardcore. Daily walks, taking the stairs (rather than lift), dancing to a YouTube clip or favourite song, parking the car further away from your work, gardening, housework, all count. It’s being consistent that is important.

Whatever stage of fitness you want to be, the key is to start slowly and build up gradually. It takes time to get fit.

Our Exercise Pyramid has some tips on how to build up your activity:

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Most of us are aware of healthy and unhealthy food options; however as lifestyles become increasingly busy, it is not always easy to adopt a healthier approach to our diets.

Below are some some handy reminders of what we can all do to improve our health through the food and drink we consume:

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