First Aid training is essential in the workplace. 

First Aid training is essential in the workplace. 
In order to establish what provision for first-aid training is required you should make an assessment of the first-aid needs appropriate to the circumstances of your business.

This should include consideration of:

  • the workplace,
  • the workforce, and
  • the hazards and risks present.

It is a legal requirement for workplaces to have a trained first aider on hand. Our first aid courses provide practical, hands-on learning combined with theoretical knowledge and aim to develop ability and instil confidence and a sense of responsibility in workplace first aiders.

It is recommended that organisations should select first aiders who are generally fit and healthy, possess an aptitude to absorb knowledge and skills, can cope with stressful and physically demanding emergency situations, have duties that do not prevent them going immediately to an emergency and have a good knowledge of English. It is also advised that organisations to appoint additional first aiders to cover absences

At MOHS our experienced team of first aid trainers will help your employees reach the highest levels of competence workplaces require to ensure your business is compliant with current legislation.

Successful completion of a first aid course will also empower the employee. They will go forward with the knowledge that may help them save the lives of colleagues, family, friends or strangers, should the need arise.

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