We offer a range of ergonomic assessments that can identify and address issues and provide practical and cost-effective solutions; advice can be given via phone or email, but more precise guidance may require us to visit your site.

Ergonomic assessments

Ergonomic assessments are suitable for employees with: a musculoskeletal disorder; existing medical conditions; disabilities or specific requirements such as reduced mobility or age-related conditions; pregnant employees; and for people returning to work following an extended absence.

The individual is assessed to ascertain their requirements, which includes discussing any work-related issues and observations of their workstation and tasks performed. Following the assessment, a report is prepared, identifying legal requirements and recommending appropriate adjustments such as suitable equipment, postural changes and task design and, where appropriate, equipment suppliers.

The cost of an ergonomic assessment, including a report, is £415 +VAT + mileage 70p per mile

DSE (Display Screen Equipment) workstation assessments
All aspects of the workstation and tasks are considered. Changes can be made immediately following the assessment, including advice on posture and body use.

The cost of a 3-hour group session for up to 12 delegates to advise on all aspects of DSE workstation requirements for £415 +VAT + mileage 70p per mile.

Vehicle assessments
We can assess a vehicle to determine its suitability for the driver and their intended tasks. This may include seated driving position, ease of access, operation of controls and loading.

Workplace assessments
Workplace assessments offer practical and cost-effective solutions to ergonomic problems, workplace injuries and provide advice on legal compliance, regulation and good practice.

Risk Assessment Guidance and Safety Audits
If you need support in developing a risk assessment for your workplace, or require a safety audit to ensure compliance with best practice, legislative and regulatory requirements, contact us for further information and costs by calling 0121 601 4041 or email training@mohs.co.uk.

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