Duration Bespoke: tailored to your specific need
Cost £475 + VAT per day (pro rata)
Dates As required

There are many reasons an organisation would consider conducting a safety audit: specific tasks, procese or the whole business itself. Whatever your reason for conducting an assessment, if you’re not confident of doing the audit correctly, you need external help.


Course overview

There are many reasons an organisation would consider conducting a safety audit. The introduction of a new task or process could warrant checking:

  • the environment;
  • staff exposed to risk;
  • occupational health and safety issues therein.

On a grander scale, whole businesses can undergo safety audits and perhaps ought to from time to time. Checks could highlight flaws in an operation or verify that it’s running smoothly.

Often, a specific cause or risk is the catalyst for an occupational health safety audit. Amongst other possibilities, a whole new way of working may concern you. It could be one particular action in a whole process that you’re unsure of. Whatever the reason, you must take action!

The advantage of hiring an external party to do your safety audit

By hiring an external party to do the audit, you’re assured of an unbiased assessment and report. If the consultant is prominent in your industry, you may also get a bonus. They may compare yours to like operations at similar organisations and advise accordingly.

We can’t guarantee that our advisors have spent time in your industry sector. But we have invested in Nebosh/CMIOSH accredited trainers who are ready to visit you. They’ll understand the process’s mechanics and help identify possible courses of action.

One thing we can guarantee is that you are ultimately responsible for Health and Safety, so:
“if you are not confident of your ability to manage all health and safety in-house, you may need some external help or advice.” ~ HSE

Optimised time on site

We’ll discuss your requirements before our site visit. This will ensure that:

  • we expedite the audit with efficiency;
  • the audit has meaningful outcomes;
  • you meet compliances against best practices, legislative and regulatory requirements;
  • you maximise your budget against our time on site.

We’ll follow up our appointment with an in depth report. It will detail our findings and highlight areas that may need further investigation. We’ll also recommend what you need to do to make improvements and become compliant.

The cost of the safety audit, including bespoke report, is £475 + VAT per day (pro rata).

Safety audits are on page 14 of our 2019 Training Prospectus.


Course dates 2024

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