Duration Initially 1 full day and a subsequent half day, one month apart
Cost £1,625 + VAT for up to 12 delegates
Dates As required

The government, World Health Organisation and leading educational and business institutes are all recognising resilience as a key driver of wellbeing. Anyone can improve their resilience through effective training and development. But for managers who are responsible for staff and moral, it’s important they learn how to bounce back from setbacks and keep their chin up. Our resilience, leadership and performance course is a customised 1½ day course for senior and middle managers to that end.


Course overview

We have tailored this 1½ day training course for senior and middle managers. In many aspects, it’s like our Emotional Resilience and Wellbeing training, but specific to managers responsible for other staff.

Our practical and interactive resilience training for leaders course is both dynamic and innovative. It explores and encourages ways to ‘hardwire’ resilience into everyday management and leadership skills.

When combined with newly acquired knowledge and self awareness, these attributes will result in a more resilient and enabling leadership. The knock on effect has a positive impact on performance, both for the individual and the organisation.

Based on the latest thinking and research, we deploy a blended learning approach. This includes delegates using our bespoke resilience assessment tool in anticipation of the course.

Key benefits

The benefits of this course are many and all add to the characteristics of a strong, understanding leader. Delegates learn:

  • how resilience, stress and pressure relate to each other in the workplace;
  • how to cope with change;
  • how to manage setbacks effectively and with greater flexibility;
  • to see setbacks more as challenges, subsequently boosting personal confidence;
  • how resilience improves creative problem solving;
  • how the link between resilience and positive leadership helps to maintain motivation and focus;
  • how to help others to improve their own performance;
  • how to build supportive relationships with colleagues, peers and team members;
  • how to evaluate tangible outcomes of the course against individual goals, identified from outcomes of the online resilience assessment tool report.

Course overview

In any group, you’ll find different characters, different mindsets. Some delegates are more in touch with their resilient self than others. To get everyone closer to a level playing field, the course helps you realise your existing awareness with:

  • the resilience assessment tool, with a comprehensive report for each manager;
  • questionnaires for personalised self assessment, including emotional intelligence;
  • GDPR-friendly case studies;
  • an individual action plan;
  • group coaching.

Course content

From that self assessment, you’ll move onto the material that will help you realise (hopefully) higher awareness. More importantly, how you can relate the techniques and understanding to a workplace environment:

  • pre-course resilience assessment report, looking at key components of resilience;
  • explores leadership styles on performance;
  • evaluates individual strengths;
  • highlights potential areas for personal development;
  • review of the six sources of workplace pressure;
  • evaluation of emotional intelligence in relation to understanding:
    • employee wellbeing;
    • positive management behaviours;
    • higher job performance.

Each delegate gets a personal action plan with goals to work towards throughout the day. This enables all attendees to take effective personal strategies back into the workplace.

Follow up ½–day course

The follow up session, held one month later, provides an opportunity for managers to share their experiences, assess their new resiliency skills and examine how they were accepted in the workplace.

There is also a review of individual action plans and subsequent strategies. Plus, we’ll evaluate the merits of how effective leadership styles can enhance workplace performance.

This is a resilience course truly tailored to the attendees. It starts and ends with you, your ability to bounce back in the face of adversity and how resilience can improve wellbeing throughout a department or an entire organisation.

This course is delivered in association with Ann McCracken Consultancy


Course dates 2024

This course does not have set dates but can be booked on request. Please email info@mohs.co.uk for more information.