Duration Half day (3.5 hours)
Qualification Certificate of attendance
Cert Validity N/A
Cost £800 + VAT
Dates As required
Venue MOHS Workplace Health*
Places 10 (maximum)

This course is designed for staff working at all levels.


Course overview

  • The ability to stop overwhelm
  • Rehearsal loop: understand the brain’s default coping mechanism for cluttered and busy minds
  • Reducing cognitive overwhelm by reducing the burden of rehearsal
  • Avoid ‘Toxic Confusion’: never lost your keys again
  • Let your subconscious mind work for you in the background

Course benefits

  • Enhance your understanding of how the mind works – and how it doesn’t
  • Time-tested techniques for reducing the feelings of overwhelm and pressure
  • Make you and your brain more productive
  • Advise on strategies to manage the deluge of data face every day
  • Priority areas to realign in our lives
  • Provide the scientific evidence that gives us an excuse for going for a walk, day dreaming or taking a bath in peace


Course dates

This course does not have set dates but we can arrange and book sessions for you upon request. Email info@mohs.co.uk or call 0121 601 4041 for more information.


How to Book

Please contact Rachel Crowhurst, Marketing Manager, via email: info@mohs.co.uk or phone: 0121 601 4041