Benefits of an Occupational Health Programme

Organisations have a legal duty to look after employees whilst they are at work and there are many benefits from investing in their health, safety wellbeing.

Employees are arguably the most important asset of an organisation. Whilst UK employers have a legal responsibility to protect their employees’ health and safety, it also makes good commercial sense to invest in their wellbeing: the cost of workplace ill health to the UK in 2016/17 was £9.7 billion*.

Organisations who have a designated occupational health provider are supporting the prevention of work-related illnesses, managing return-to-work cases following illness and are aiding the quality of life and earnings of employees. Higher morale and lower staff turnover translate directly into competitive advantages, reducing sickness absence and improving business performance.

An Occupational Health Programme can be individually designed for an organisation with their cooperation to ensure that comprehensive occupational health is achievable.

MOHS and you
Our aim is to advise you on how to manage your occupational health by offering a flexible and professional service, which is designed to monitor health and promote wellbeing among your workforce.

This type of service is delivered as a retained managed service, with a dedicated occupational health advisor. Managed clients also receive additional benefits such as advice on maintaining mandatory health records; GP/consultant liaison; rehabilitation management; health promotion; and workplace visits to assess health issues.

We can advise you on the best option for your organisation before devising a plan of healthcare based on your unique requirements and your budget.

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*Health and Safety Executive (2018)