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Absence management

Ill health costs the UK economy more than £100 billion a year in benefits and health expenditure, foregone taxes and lost productivity, according to Dame Carol Black, author of a key report, “Working for a healthier tomorrow”.

This figure equates the annual economic cost of UK sickness absence to the gross domestic product of Portugal and puts it at more than the entire NHS budget.

The effects of employees being off work include:

  • reduced overall productivity 
  • increased work / stress / low morale for colleagues 
  • possible loss of reputation among key stakeholders 
  • unnecessary and costly recruitment greater risk of claims and the cost of litigation.

Therefore, there is a positive commercial benefit to be gained from proactively assessing and effectively managing absences caused through sickness or injury.

What we do

We have a strong track record in helping organisations reduce the number of days lost through ill health by implementing effective absence management programmes which could include:

  • measuring and monitoring the reason for the absence - types, frequency and trends
  • working with line managers to help them manage staff on long term sickness leave
  • arranging specialist absence management medical assessments 
  • setting up health promotion and wellbeing activities to improve the health and motivation of employees – and to help prevent sickness in the first place

We offer long term sickness, ill health retirement, rehabilitation or redeployment medical assessments which are carried out by our highly qualified and experienced team of occupational health advisors/nurses, screening technicians and physicians.

And we can also ensure your organisation is fully compliant with all current legislation.


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