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Managing Stress at Work

Cost: £525 + VAT for up to 15 delegates

No one expects to go to work and not meet any pressure.

And a certain amount of pressure actually helps us work to our very best.

But too much pressure is bad and if it is experienced long term, it can be very bad for your health and happiness.

This half day course is the basic training necessary for companies to initiate a positive attitude and approach to reduce stress and enhance wellbeing throughout the organisation.

Key benefits

  • Provides HSE compliance for staff trained in how to recognise stress in self and others
  • Early identification of stress and its possible causes reduces presenteeism and thepossibility of costly stress related absence
  • Increased self awareness develops a positive attitude to health and wellbeing also improving performance and productivity
  • Creation of a personal action plan underpins the course learning

Course overview

  • Employees will learn the difference between pressure and stress
  • They will learn about the personal and external causes of stress
  • They will learn how negative behaviours relate to ill health outcomes from stress
  • Employees will gain an understanding of wellbeing, resilience & learn helpful coping strategies
  • Useful, easy to use strategies that can be applied immediately will be learnt
  • Employees will be encouraged to take responsibility for their own health and wellbeing
  • Hints and tips to proactively manage stress are provided

This course is delivered in association with Ann McCracken Consultancy

This course does not have set dates but can be booked on request. Please email info@mohs.co.uk for more information.

It is suitable for all employees


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