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Ergonomic assessments

These assessments are for employees with musculoskeletal disorders, existing medical conditions, disabilities or specific requirements such as reduced mobility or age related conditions eg arthritis 

These assessments are designed to offer employers practical and cost effective solutions to ergonomic problems and can also be used to help people returing to work following extended absence. 

The individual is assessed to ascretain their requirements, which includes discussing any work related issues and spending time at their workstation to observe their way of working. 

A report is then prepared identifying legal requirements and recommending appropriate adjustments such as suitable equipment, postural changes and task design. 

Each ergonomic assessment including bespoke report is £250 + VAT. 

Our assessments include:

Age related assessments

To enable older workers to funcgtion effectively, it is necessary to understand how they work, both physiologically and psychologically.  

By ensuring that work is designed to fit the employee and thier physical and mental capabilities, age should not be a barrier to continued working. 

These assessments cna help by improving workplace and envronmental design, job and task design and by minimising the physical and mental risks to older workers. 

New technologies and innovative work practices can be harnessed to support older workers and can include adaptations to machines for long sightedness and slower reaction times. 

Special attention is given to solutions for manual handling tasks and avoiding extremely heavy physical work and excessively hot working environments. 

DSE workstation assessments

Sitting at a computer for long periods, with incorrect posture or poorly positioned equipment, may cause back pain or RSI (repetitive strain injury)

All aspects of the workstation are considered, including how each employee works and the position of the equipment and furniture.

Changes can be made immediately following the assessment, including advice on posture and body use.

Vehicle assessments

Driving long distances may cause back problems which, if left untreated, could lead to chronic disability. 

The vehicle is examined for its compatibility, with the specific anthropometric measurements, and the postural and work requirements of the driver are assessed. 

Workplace assessments

These assessments offer practical and cost effective solutions to ergonomic and workplace injuries and provide advice on legal compliance, regulation and good practice. 

For further information contact Glen Musgrove on 0121 601 4041 / glenmusgrove@mohs.co.uk


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